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 Conversation cont'd from Introduce Yourself (rofl)

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PostSubject: Re: Conversation cont'd from Introduce Yourself (rofl)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 4:58 pm

Chiaro wrote:
P.S.A wrote:
I don't have a PC to run Left 4 Dead...but my 360 does!

Why does your 360 have a better PC than you?

because I'm a broke college student! haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Conversation cont'd from Introduce Yourself (rofl)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:33 pm

Lol at ps3 having shitty online...i'm sure you've played a match or two on xbl...then it lagged..and you're PAYING for that lol.

Nothing is perfect lol..but really..lmao @ ps3 having shitty online..

Now...the Wii has shitty online...

xbl>psn>nintendo wifi connection

But psn is FAR from shitty.

And any "good" game released on ANY system is a plus for that system...(uh oh...PC)

What IM saying is..the only reason to get a 360 is..once again


Shooters(on pc too)



xbl(pay if you want)

And the few other exclusives they have

But lmao you're gonna be missin out on hella other stuff even with one other system or spending more money than everyone else.

My games of choice will be on PC, Wii, and Ps3 (possibly some handhelds too)...and i'll enjoy way more options than anyone else who replaces ANY of the previously stated 3 with an xbox 360.

There is NO denying that...it's just fact.

It just breaks down to exclusives...

I mean I'd hate to say it but 360 is a fanboy's system now...just as the Gamecube was. If you like it..then get it. I don't down anyone for liking Halo. But if you're basing your choices on what simply is the best option to allow more possibilities, games, and experiences..then he above combination (pc,wii, ps3) is the best option. I mean it's not impossible to obtain all 4..but i REALLY do not have the money to sustain 4 (well 2 since 2 i can get games for free for) efficiently w/o neglecting one.

And th last guardian does look win lol
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Conversation cont'd from Introduce Yourself (rofl)
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